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任劍輝的 [護法], 超級資深戯迷, 花盡無窮资源收集及修復任劍輝绝世珍宝,上載在网页相册 Superfan of Yam Kim Fai, with a lifetime mission to utilise all possible resources in collecting, organizing and restoring Yam Kim Fai's extinct treasures


新馬仔模仿任劍輝演出[帝女花] The Notorious Imitation  

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 地点:    馬来西亞首都  吉隆坡 [星光戲院] 
時間:    1962-1963
劇目:     [帝女花]   新馬仔,鍾麗蓉主演


上演[帝女花]當晚我記得我和家人,親戚,朋友等一大群超級任姐迷出席目的是要看新馬[認輸]...他要模仿的人才是實至名歸的文武生王, 我們的偶像[任劍輝].

我整晚很有趣的看着新馬出醜,從頭塲開始给我们的感覺是[長平宫主選错郎], 新馬的聲很悦耳但對白不值一分錢,好像一個大病的人在講話. 出塲時絕冇迷人的台風還有些像我鄰居的二叔公. 坐在我後面的一位婆婆整晚很大聲的喊着  "這個煙精得把口,他什么都没有!"

新馬的可憐可悲样子令我們啼笑皆非,他的曲當然不熟聽起来很不自然,全不入戯.但最离镨是尾塲演[香夭]新馬并冇瀟灑的舞水袖只呆呆站着(好像很不耐烦的样子)右手放在下巴想拉出剃不淨的鬍鬚. 在台上有不雅的舉動梨园界俗稱為[冇衣食].........這就是我親眼目睹的新馬仔矣.   若要人不知除非己莫為,纸是包不主火的,  南洋的戯迷對新馬的印象是怎样盡在不言中, 香港戯迷看了此文可能更明白新馬仔的失败.

為了解這件事的内幕我曾与數位梨园子弟交谈,他们大同小異道出當年新馬的[瘀事]. 两星期前我拜訪了[大馬八和會館副主席] 陳雲卿女士并和她共善午飯. 卿姐是當地的知名正印花旦她出自粤劇世家父親是武生陳金斗,她十多歲已投入梨园曾与無數的當地文武生合作. 數十年来這件[瘀事] 已成為南洋梨园界的 "笑柄", 除了梨园子弟外老一辈的戯迷也能津津樂道.

卿姐記憶尤新她稱新馬上演[帝女花]當晚她的胞妹陳麗卿担任梅香角色. 據她所知班主没有得新馬同意便刊登了劇目,某某晚就上演任劍輝首本名劇[帝女花]! 當新馬知道時已太遲; 門票首次賣個满堂红, 班主也因这次新馬演劇賣座其差(有時只有三四成觀眾) 才出此策,  如新馬辭演一定全軍覆没,冇船票反香港! 

新馬演[帝女花]爆棚是意料中事因為有[任姐效應], 證實了當時是[任姐一人獨霸天下].如果新馬真是与任姐 "平分天下" 為什么他不在香港像任姐一样 "呼風唤雨" 要落難走到南洋;還给一個小小班主剃他的眼眉呢?  他這次不但盡失威望更證實了[粤劇文武生王] 宝座只屬任姐一人.

卿姐再稱新馬上演[帝女花]當晚用了三人: 譚兆佳,曾志偉,蔡鐡馬做提塲, 他们分别站在左邊虎度門, 右邊虎度門及躲在神桌下面(庵遇)念着曲词. 在音樂方面也做了手脚, 如果花旦鍾麗蓉唱米高峰是開大, 新馬唱曲時他们就关了米. 最有趣是新馬他的曲不熟但回到後台他整晚 "媽媽聲" 的三字歌唱個不停, 咒罵着任姐, 如果不是[她] 他又怎會变了一條蟲 !.................善哉,善哉!

文: 版主趙劍雙

 绝世珍藏相冊 Yam Kim Fai Treasure AlBum    http://yamyuenyee.blog.163.com/album/#m=0&p=1


新馬仔模仿任劍輝演出[帝女花] The Notorious Imitation - 趙劍雙 - [戲迷情人]任劍輝博客


Place:     Sing Kong Theatre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Time:     1962-1963
Opera:    Dai Lui Fa (Princess Cheung Ping)
Starring:   Sun Ma Chai, Chung Lai Yung

I vividly remembered going to the opera with my elders, relatives and family friends; all loyal Yam Jie Fans with the intention of watching Sun Ma conceit defeat in person. Most apparently the title of "King of Mun Mo Sang" belongs to the person Sun Ma is about to imitate: Yam Kim Fai, whose crown is now cast in solid gold.

For a whole evening I watched with amusement at Sun Ma Chai embarrassing himself act after act trying desperately to imitate Yam Jie. But he only succeeded in convincing us Princess Cheung Ping had picked the wrong husband. Born with a beautiful voice it did nothing to camouflage his terrible conversations and unappealling appearance, he reminded me of that shabby old uncle next door. Thankfully this boring event was occasionally interrupted by an old lady sitted behind us who kept yelling out loud "this smoking idiot has nothing (to show) except for that big mouth " !

Needless to mention Sun Ma appeared totally unfamiliar with the song script, omitting phrases and fumbling with wrong words. The most horrendous act being the last episode at the wedding, while the actress sang the moonlight song he stood still like a log (with an impatient look on his face) his right hand on his chin trying to pull his unshaven beard stubs: an absolute disgusting act ....this being my impression of Sun Ma Chai.  Malaysian audiences that night would share my opinion, fans from Hongkong might be enlightened about the downfall and disastrous performing career of this actor after reading this article.

In an effort to gather witnesses I spoke to a number of local opera actors which are members of the Local Bar Wo Association in Malaysia. In harmony they echoed the events of that fateful night when a clown tried desperately to imitate Yam Kim Fai the King, this notorious event remained a topic of public ridicule till this day.

My lunch with the Vice President of Malaysian Bar Wo, Madam Chan Wan Heng yielded more interesting details of that performance. Madam Chan reiterated that the owner of the troupe had not consulted Sun Ma before posting "Dai Lui Fa" a Yam Jie Opera on the performance agenda. This represented an act of total disrespect in response to poor attendances at the box office. Sun Ma though unwilling and furious continued with the opera to ensure he gets a return boat ticket back home to Hongkong, a desperate act by a failing actor with his tarnished reputation heading to the pits.

Lately I read an article claiming "the world of cantonese opera were equally shared by Yam Kim Fai and Sun Ma"...if so why was Sun Ma not in Hongkong reigning like Yam Jie, who was calling the shots everyday and powerful enough to change the local Hongkong weather ?  Rather, we saw a pitiful Sun Ma Chai languishing in South East Asia getting the "boot"  from a small troupe owner, with his ego totally demolished when forced to go on stage to imitate the real "King of Mun Mo Sang" Yam Kim Fai !

Fortunately I have the resources to gather enough witnesses and evidence to support the real fact that Yam Jie's Opera Empire stretches from Hongkong to Malaysia to Singapore to Vietnam and the rest of South East Asia, and it was absolutely a "One Person Monopoly" and a  "One Person Reign" nobody ever came close let alone equally share her glory, everyone else has to imitate her to succeed!   Any claim of equally sharing of fame and empire is totally irresponsible and unacceptable, definitely unsupported by figures, facts and witnesses. It is a big lie.

Madam Chan a veteran opera actress clearly remembered  that night when Sun Ma was forced to perform Dai Lui Fa, her sister Chan Lai Heng was one of the performers.  Massive arrangements were made to assist Sun Ma Chai to overcome this challenge of performing an unfamiliar script, three prompters were engaged to be stationed on both sides of the stage and one under the alter to help him cope. Others were told to switch off the microphone while he was singing alone to minimise the disaster.

Backstage was just as interesting, Sun Ma Chai was eloquently cursing and swearing at Yam Jie all night long, blaming her for reducing him to the status of  "worm".............God, have mercy on him !

Mang Lai Kuan Stage photos 孟麗君舞台劇照...........
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